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First things first: we need to talk about You. what's your riding style? What's your preferred position? How do you want your bike to look like? What components should be used?


Once we've got all this straight, let's get some data. Data as in body measurements. We start from a static measurement. Unless you have had a dynamic bike fitting done before. We can use these data then, of course.


With all this, we will make you a first design of your dream bike. Most of the times, this will include a few iterations and adjustments. Eventually we'll end up with the design that you really want.


Once we've got an agreement on the final design, we'll ask you a 50% downpayment. The Production drawings will need to be made, and all the parts get ordered. When you agree on the final production drawing, your part is done


It will take some time to get your frame finished. Take about 8 weeks into account. During this time, we'll keep you updated about the progress, make sure all parts will get in, and make you longing for your new ride.


We'll do the final assembly, send you some teasers, and we'll celebrate!


You'll enjoy your ride and start planning for your next one.


Dragonfly final_2.jpg
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